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duo photographe et vidéaste mariage elopement à Nantes. Crabe et Koala

/ We love your universe, how is it going to book our date?

/ The wedding is taking place abroad, are you coming with us?

/ Do you move  all over ?

/ For a wedding service, how many photos do you need?

Yes, yes and yes !! As a wedding photographer and videographer duo , we travel all over France to follow you on your adventure! We are based in Loire-Atlantique (Nantes) , in our pretty Pays de la Loire region . We are lucky to be close to Vendée, Brittany, Normandy, Maine-et-Loire . Dear friends of the Great West , we are here, close to you :)


Of course, even if you call us from Corsica, Aquitaine, Provence, Occitanie or elsewhere, we follow you right away! And then we love to travel abroad . All you have to do is put on your sneakers and HOP, we'll accompany you to Australia if necessary!

Once again yes! We are ready to follow you anywhere in the four corners of the globe for a destination wedding or elopement !

Obviously in terms of travel, the ideal is to provide us with something to sleep on site, and to be transported on D- Day (We can very well be in the car of relatives, in a taxi, or even with you if it's easier;) )

There is no limited number of photos! We photograph everything you need to make you a  full report  of your  wedding , from grandma's little tears to uncle's unleashed choreography! All the details you will want to find later will be there.  ! Depending on the activities, the length of the day etc… You leave with a minimum of 500  pictures .

It's quite simple!

You can message us directly  via the contact form  or by email, specifying:

  • the date of your  marriage

  • the place

  • the  benefits  that you would like to have ( photo,  video  , both ?)

We can then meet to simply get to know each other, talk in more detail about your  project, your desires ;)

Illustration du site internet des photographes

LET’S. get. go .


/ Why Crab & Koala?

/ How long have you been taking photos?

/ Do you have backup equipment in case of breakdown?

/ Can we take additional photos/sessions before or after the wedding?

/ What is the delivery time for photos?

/ Are travel expenses included?

/ How long are you staying on the wedding day? If we are behind on our schedule, are there additional costs?

/ Do you offer photo albums and other products?

/ On what medium do you render the photos?

/ You are sick on D-Day, or something unexpected, what do you do?

Whatever happens, there will always be one of us who will be available for D-Day ! The advantage of being two is that too ;) No surprise! We also have several contacts of fellow photographers as backup.

Once sorted and developed, all the High Definition photos will be delivered to you on a pretty cork USB key , in a nice packaging . And of course, an online gallery will be available for 4 months to view and/or download the photos for the guests .

Yes! Lots of pretty supports are available in our  Souvenir Factory  :)

We arrive when you want (6 a.m., 9 a.m., 1 p.m. it's the same;)) and we leave either at the end of the cocktail , or until the end of the wedding if you want our presence in the evening until the dancefloor . So don't panic about schedule delays or other, we don't work our eyes on the watch;)

We move for free on a perimeter of 50km around Nantes . Beyond, it is necessary to count 40 cts per km.

Count 1 month to receive your pretty  wedding pictures  ;) You will see that often it is the guests who claim them first! :D

Obviously! We also include in our packages a  engagement session , some  time before the wedding , in order to better get used to the lens , but also to get to know each other better around a walk.

And for the more Rock'n'roll , there is the "Day After" session that we offer as an option. It's time for you to decompress after the wedding! If you tell us that your love is rafting in the middle of nature in a wedding dress , or simply strolling along the beach , here we go!

We have everything planned! If one of the cameras is capricious, we have everything in duplicate ;) You will have no excuse to escape the lens , we will always have a way to get you ;p

From the first disposable to the first SLR , quite a few years have passed!
For Romain, he's been living from
  Photo  and some  video  in different universes.

Laurie, formerly an architect, has always loved taking pictures of beautiful landscapes .

And now it's been 6  years together as  Crab & Koala  !

You have to meet us to find out (a bit of a challenge: D)

If after all that, you still have questions... well too bad! :D 

But nooo come back! We will answer you with joy in our  Contact form  ! :)

Duo de photogrape et vidéaste mariage alternatif funky et intimiste à Nantes, Bretagne et Sud de la France

All. this. that he . should.



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