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duo photographe et vidéaste mariage elopement à Nantes. Crabe et Koala
Formulaire de contact des photographes et vidéastes de mariage Crabe et Koala

It is.  THE.  moment.


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For the most talkative: 

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Aaah if you are on this page it is because you have things to tell us!! Good, we wait  Your message ! Don't hesitate to tell us whatever comes to your mind!


Even what is not related to your project is of interest to us! What you like, who you are… You have 4 hours.


             NOTEBOOK. OF ADDRESS.

Illustration du site Crabe et Koala photographe vidéastes.

You are  lost in all these searches for service providers ... We understand... it's very complicated.  For all these years of rubbing shoulders with  the Wedding Game , we met  lots of people, super cool encounters, professionals in their field: be they wedding planners , dress designers , photo shops … We have prepared a short list of addresses for you to remember, the crème de la crème! Even better than whipped cream it seems...




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